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THE Community for Renegade Leaders

Tier One

This community is for those seeking to expand to new heights and develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their inner landscape as they discover the true voice of their soul and align themselves with their vision. 

This is for a brave and brilliant few, those who are here to create a legacy and lasting impact that will ripple out far beyond their lifetime. In this intimate group container you will receive weekly group sessions, monthly private coaching, as well as 4 seasonal retreats throughout the yea, and the opportunity to be taught by thought-leaders and masters across mutliple disciplines. Throughout the year you will learn to harness the power of your mind to access flow states on-demand, learn to shape your physical health to attain peak performance, and develop an inner awareness that allows you to live freely, fine-tuning your intuitive capabilities and harnessing your unique genius as you ideate, grow, scale and live your legacy.

For more information, or to be invited to join us, please contact us directly using the form below

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Mountain Cliff Hiker

Tier two

For those in the Project Legacy community who want to take things to the next level, we offer a more intimate container and additional support alongside the community program. 

You will receive private 1:1 coaching twice a month with one of our coaches, as well as a quarterly session with one of the leading facilitators. You will have a VIP day at the start or end of each quarterly seasonal retreat, and you will have your own private group chat where you will be able to share daily challenges, wins, receive coaching and support, and receive additional trainings.

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