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Ceremonial Artists | Spiritual Executive Coaches | Advisors | Lovers + Playful Co-Creators

We've made it our mission to live fully, love deeply, and devote our lives to the transformative power of ceremony, the evolution of consciousness, and the liberation of humanity. One soul at a time. 

Photo by Emily Hoehenrieder on Unsplash.png

Having lived more in this lifetime than either of us dared to dream possible, we have come to this place as the natural expression of our souls and the culmination of two lives lived in deep devotion to the ever-elusive experience of awakening into liberation. 

Through our work with plant medicines, deep emotional and somatic processes, and the fine-tuned awareness we have cultivated over decades, we curate unique experiences that facilitate the healing and transformation so many are seeking as the path to their own liberation, to their deeper purpose and service in the world. Because of our own personal journeys into the vast imaginings of our own souls, we have cultivated a unique ability to align you with the truest expression of your soul - reimagining your relationships, leadership and vision, as a natural extension of your truth. 

Just imagine what it would be like to finally be free from the incessant mental noise and emotional turmoil that plagues most of us, most of the time. What would it feel like to live fully and freely as the greatest expression of your soul? What is it to taste liberation and know yourself as the whole and perfect version of the person you are now? To know your true purpose and to feel wildly alive...

This is what we strive for - supporting the individuals we work with in knowing themselves, healing the developmental trauma that creates separation, and finding their own unique path to freedom. We are passionate about supporting you in finding the formula that allows you to create deep healing within yourself and your relationships, finding the deeper purpose for your life, and helping you build a life and vision that serves you, your community and family, and the world at large. 


With over 2 decades of combined experience in various healing modalities, personal development and plant medicine work, as well as an incredible array of experiences in building and scaling businesses, supporting global leaders, leading epic, once-in-a-lifetime adventures, and experiencing the full array of truly remarkable life moments, we have each landed in a place of embodied soul expression, and as such, find ourselves uniquely poised to support you in discovering your own. 

We will never ask another to tread any path we have not walked ourselves; we have always been, and continue to be, avid students of our own healing and growth, traversing the depths of our darkness, facing off with our demons, mining each moment for its magic and scouring the globe for teachers, healers and facilitators who can continue to take us further in our own exploration of liberation, freedom, unity, expansion and true soul expression. 

We are by no means perfect, yet we are wildly committed to this work and a life lived in service to the awakening soul - which is, after all, the place where you will find all that you've been looking for. 

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